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Our Google-certified experts help you increase your online traffic and rankings, thereby, maximizing your business in terms of leads, sales and profit.


Our on-page optimization services span an array of elements including an emphasis on producing highly engaging content that is linkable, keyword enriched, crawler accessible, excellent UX, social network friendly and device friendly.

We carefully consider all required elements when planning out optimization of your website. From selecting the right page titles and headings, to conducting a thorough analysis of keywords relevant to your business and your industry, we devise a comprehensive on-page strategy with short-term and long-term targets in mind.


Our team leverages every possible resource in order to ensure that your SEO net is spread out as far as possible. This allows you to actually have a presence and authority that promises the best results in terms of greater trust, a credible voice, a socially conscious agent, and of course better traffic and conversions.

Our vast pool of resources allows us to leverage a variety of platforms that allow us to build your presence quickly. In doing so, we outrace the time factor and competitors in your industry, so that your name reaches your target audience quicker than others.


Keeping an eye on the numbers is most important if you want to know where you’re headed. App Octa emphasizes on the need to know where you stand in your market not just by hearsay, but also through understanding what the numbers say.

Our team knows just how to read the numbers and deliver you a report that gives you the best oversight. Apart from this, you will have great insight to how you’re progressing through simple graphical representations based on the interpretations of the figures our analyses unit presents.


With our all-round input, you can enjoy the best search engine rankings. We emphasize on all-round input because this is the best measure for ensuring that your brand name reaches all over, far and wide, to get you recognized no matter who you are.

Becoming number one may be easy; remaining there is the real challenge. To ensure this, we implement the best practices that allow us to keep your name out there. Remaining engaged in as many ways possible is the key. However, we take care to make sure your name is well-known on the most valuable platforms.


We aim to deliver a highly optimized performance that helps you achieve long-term results through fulfilling search engine demands.


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We pride ourselves on being among the few companies that delve into the nitty gritty details of your concept to ensure that we deliver something outstanding that makes customers notice you.

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Apart from readily implementing some of 2016’s well-known platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, we carefully study your requirements. Only then we proceed to select and build on a platform that fits your business needs. Other platforms that we popularly implement include Yo! Kart, BigCommerce and Magento.


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