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5 Questions to Ask Before Proceeding To Develop an App

All businesses, large and small, are increasingly turning towards mobile apps. Going for a brand app has become extremely important as it is now an integral part of all business strategies. Having an app means better accessibility of products and info for the audiences. If you have a good idea that can be used to

Marketing’s Role in an App’s Success

App stores are getting swamped with more and more apps that are being submitted into the stores on a daily. In order to ensure that your app gets the recognition it needs to stand tall in the pool of millions of apps, you will need a rock-solid marketing plan. The days when revenue was easily

Eureka Park Area Picks AppOcta’s Upcoming CheckedIn App as “Startup to Watch in 2017”

Recently, the Eureka Park Area at the CES trade show gave startups a chance to show what they can bring to the table in terms of uniqueness and usability. There were 6 startups chosen as the startups to watch in 2017 and one of them is our own ‘CheckedIn’.   CheckedIn is an upcoming app, being

American Gamers More Likely to Buy In-App Purchases – Report

According to a new Liftoff report, American gamers are more likely to make in-app purchases than anywhere else. According to the report, European gamers are behind American gamers when it comes to making in-app purchases.   The North American install-to-purchase engagement rate is a whopping 94% higher than APAC. Furthermore, if we break down the

Don’t Revamp Your Mobile App without Knowing About Complete Android App Development Process

Though there could be dozens of reasons why you would want to revamp your app, yet there could possibly be more reasons for not doing it either. Before you proceed to revamp your app, read the pointers listed below to decide whether or not it would be a better option to not revamp your app.

5 Situations When It Is Wise Not to Build an App

Apps are one of the brightest assets of any business, but not something that needs to be unnecessarily undertaken. There are many instances when it is actually not wise to build an app for business. You must now be thinking about how would you know whether investing your time and money in apps is the